Jobcastr is the perfect go-to solution for small and medium businesses. It’s a modern and secure recruitment application manager.

Job board
Better job-management

Posting a job feels like a breeze. With predefined fields you’ll have your first job public on your job board in no-time!

Front end resumé submission

Candidates can send their resumé and letter of motivation through the job page. No registration needed!

Automatically stored into the right place

Candidates are automatically added in the database and in the right folder when they send their application. Goodbye cut & paste!

Quick Linkedin and Facebook search

With a click on the button you can search for the persons name inside Linkedin and Facebook archives for a match.

Download resumé and motivational letter

All attachments are saved and stored on our servers. Download Word or PDF-files in seconds.

Adding notes

Each candidate in the system gets an evaluation page. You’ll be able to add notes before, during or after a job interview.


All candidates who send their application are kept in your database. With the search options in our Talentpool you’ll find that wanted profile very quickly. Every candidate that applied for a job is now searchable in your database. Together with selections and evaluations, Jobcastr covers the basics for your recruitment success.


Find the resumé and motivational letter attached to the profile. Quickly search for the profile on Facebook or Linkedin.

Manually add new candidates

Upload resumes and motivational letters directly into the talentpool.


Some extra features to boost your recruiting.

Add your logo

Brand your job page with your company logo

Custom domain

Finally: your own job board, attached to your site. The integration is set up in no-time, giving you the possibility to post jobs into your online environment.

Support during and after setup

Our support is stand-by to help you out!

Get Jobcastr

Store all your applications, jobs and evaluations in one platform. Jobcastr keeps everything organized.

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